Sunday, December 20, 2015

Home Marketing Strategy

    First you make the commitment to sell your home, then you have to interview a realtor to represent you. If you are doing a "Sale by Owner" these marketing tips will come in handy and they will also help when interviewing the Realtor. The marketing has to be done as a team with your real estate agent. Your Realtor should already have a marketing plan to present to you at the time of the interview. The main thing is to have your home in prime showing condition when you're ready to show your home. Here are some Marketing Tips.


Buyers are using a REALTOR® to look for their homes via the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Most area Realtors use their local Association of REALTORS® MRMLS and will list your home there and in other local MLS systems if desired. This MLS system is used by REALTORS® across Southern California to search for homes for their clients. We know that having a picture on the listing is very important and will try and get as many photographs as possible to give Buyer's Agents as much information and visual presentation as possible. We will also place a secure Lockbox that only certified REALTORS® have access to and will make sure that no one enters your home unless they have authorized access.


Short Sale Realtors approach each situation individually and works with lawyers and tax advisors on your behalf to achieve the best outcome - at no cost to you. They handle all the complex details and you remain in control. You approve the terms of the agreement and approve the final settlement. If a short sale is no longer in your best interest, you can cancel it at no cost.


According to the National Association of Realtors, 74% of home buyers say they used the Internet in searching for real estate. Make sure when selecting a realtor that his website is up to date and gets page hits which means that Buyers are looking to the Internet first before they contact an agent. This is one reason that that Realtors should build their business on referrals and have a contact mechanism in their website,


Because so many home buyers are using the Internet in searching for real estate, it is very important to belong to The National Association of Realtors (NAR). Since is now the official Website for the National Association of Realtors and Linda is a long standing member of NAR. every listing that goes up on local MRMLS systems automatically gets your home listed on


Advertising is very important in a marketing strategy because if no one knows that your house is for sale no one can locate it. At Lighthouse Properties we pride ourselves in getting every listing in our local magazines (Homes and Land) and every week your listing will appear in The Press Enterprise ( Southern Riverside County ) Newspaper. Occassionally your listing will appear in the LA Times or The Press Enterprise depending on location.


Placing a sign in front of your home with contact information is very important. This is a form of advertising your home and letting everyone who passes by your home know that it is "FOR SALE". Make sure the Realtor's direct number is posted on the FOR SALE sign so anyone interested can call and they will answer every call to provide information on your home. Make sure Color Brochures are placed on the "FOR SALE" post so everyone will get general information on the home and again make sure contact information is included.


A Business attitude that will result in getting Personal Service is required from your Realtor. That has to be your Realtors commitment to you as a client. Your Realtor will need to give you the professional service you deserve because he depends on his clients to continue to be the sole source for all referral business. He's/Her Cell Phone is her Business Phone and you should always get him/her to answer. If you leave a message you should be guaranteed a return call within the hour. Make this one of your requirements when interviewing a Realtor.

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