Saturday, December 19, 2015

The 10 Best Ways to Sell Your Home

What are the best ways to sell your home in any area? There are several ways you can do this. Here are some suggestions.
(1)Curb Appeal. --- One of the most important ways to do this is to make your home appealing to those who will be driving by and seeing that For Sale sign and noticing the curb appeal. The first impression people make about what's inside is what people can see on the outside. The home inspection will never occur if the buyer never makes an offer. And this won't happen if your home looks bad from the outside. The viewing appointments will almost always come in if you have an appealing and inviting home that will attract buyers.
(2) Make your Home Appealing. --- Another important point when those appointments start coming in is to make the home appealing to people walking through your home. This time they are not just driving through looking at the outside but actually walking around and looking at everything. One important point on the inside is that every room should be clutter free. The more clutter in the home the smaller it will appear to those who are looking. When buyers see nothing but stuff in each room, they have a harder time envisioning their personals in your home. Take out as much personal stuff that you possibly can and make the home appealing to everyone that walks through.
(3) Remove personal Items. --- If you have any personal items such as family photos and pictures on the walls, people will always be stopping and looking at those. If there are too many of these personal items the home will feel like it's someone else's and people will have a hard time picturing themselves in someone else's home. Knick knacks and personal items do subconsciously tend to turn buyers off. A few items are OK, but too many personal items will not get you very many offers from most buyers.
(4) Rid Home of Smells. --- An annoying and negative problem people have when they show their homes is how it smells. If a buyer can smell it there is no way a realtor can sell it. The odors that are the number one turn-off for buyers are cigarette odor and pet odors. The suggestion realtors make if sellers are smoking inside their home is to make every effort to cleanse the home of those odors. Ethnic groups can also have certain food odors that can turn buyers off. There are many times that I've walked into a home where the sellers have left for a showing and you can almost always tell who the owners are by the smell. Before putting the home on the market get the odors out by any means possible. If someone in the home is a smoker get them to start smoking outside. If you have pets, their has to be a way where your pets will need to migrate during the sales process period or they have to be closely watched and monitored to make sure there are no accidents.
(5) Pets be Gone. --- Most of the time realtors will setup appointments for buyers to view while sellers are out of the home. When this happens and there are pets in the home the sellers should always tell the realtor where the pets will be and usually they are left in the garage, in a cage, in a dog run or somewhere away from the buyers. It is usually better if the pets are removed from the home during the showing. Buyers love pets and the buyer many times will walk away from the home remembering how cute the pet was and nothing about the home. Since your home has competition from other homes you want them to walk away impressed with your home and not with your pet. The distraction of pets will also take time away from the viewing of the home. The attraction in the home will not be enhanced by the attraction of your pet and thus buyers will remember some other homes they've viewed instead of that cute pet.
(6)�Sellers Be Invisible. --- One of the golden rules for showing the home is to make sure that the sellers are not there. There is a saying in the real estate business that for every word that the sellers says to the buyer the seller loses money. Sellers tend to think that they are the expert on their home and know it better than anyone and would be the most qualified to sell it. They don’t realize that by opening their mouth they will prolong the length of time the home will sit unsold.  
(7) Pricing�Importance. --- If your home has been on the market for some time buyers will start wondering if there's a problem with it. When fear starts kicking in buyers will not offer as much as they would otherwise have offered because no one wants something that nobody else wants. The market may be on fire one day but it is still a price sensitive market. If the home is overpriced that is the absolute way to not get many offers and it will sit on the market for a long time.
When a home is overpriced many buyers tend to shy away from offering a much lower price for fear of insulting the sellers so they will just make offers on homes that are priced at the market price. Sellers usually think that no one pays full price so they will always have a negotiating price and buyers know that unless it is priced at what homes are selling in the area and they are flying off the shelf, that everyone makes offers. It turns out that if the home is priced right it will sell much faster than a home that is overpriced. Most homes sell for market price or over market and many sell for the asking price.
(8) Marketing Importance. --- In real estate sales there is always marketing involved. Most agents believe in the three P’s. Put a sign in the front lawn, place it on the MLS and pray that somebody else sells it. There are many other ways to market properties. There is newspapers, advertising, magazines, radio, television, internet (which includes the company website, your website, social media, Twitter, YouTube), virtual tours, flyers, mobile technology and many more. When selling make sure you ask the Realtor how your home will be marketed and which national site it will be syndicated when you are interviewing the listing agent.
(9) Interview Realtor. --- Make sure that when you are interviewing a real estate agent that you have your questions ready. It seems that all agents sound alike but they don’t always work alike and definitely don’t get the same results. It is really up to the seller to ask the most important questions. The agent on the other hand does this interview everyday and should know the answers off the top of his head. Sometimes it’s not very easy to ask the correct questions. I you need help in this area there are many resources on the internet to give you a very good idea on what to ask.
(10) Offers are Important. --- One very important and pressing problem that the sellers of a home are sure to run into if you’ve picked the right Realtor is that you will eventually get an offer. When those offers start coming in, make sure you don’t take any offer. Sometimes it pays to wait for the right offer. Don’t make the mistake of wasting time with a buyer that doesn't qualify which should be taken care of by your realtor. Make sure your realtor also takes care of the pre-qualified buyers so that no issues will suddenly appear after an offer has been submitted and accepted. Bad transactions can kill many deals so make sure there are no issues like home association problems. If you don't have a smooth transaction and these types of issues occur make sure the right questions are asked before you hire that special real estate agent.

Israel Torres is a former Real Estate agent, investor, artist and author.

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